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World View is located along Perdices Street, formerly Alfonso XIII just a few meter away from Silliman Avenue  

In Dumaguete there are three good reason why you should consider holding your seminar or convention in this boot shapeisland of Negros Oriental.

A place with peaceful and serene unspoiled city blessed by mother nature with water falls, therapeautic, hot springs, valleys and rich marine life.

The city has a people with captivating charm of its warm and gentle people who welcome visitors with smiles. And lastly the pensionne house are fully equipped with state of the art convention facilities and offering a refreshing and relaxing view of the city's scenic seascape, a good view of the famous Cuernos de Negros (Negros twin peaks), Mt. Talinis and the neighboring provinces of Negros Oriental.

World View Pensionne Hotel in Dumaguete which can be seen in Perdices Street , Dumaguete is the first ever all well constructed steel pensionne house in the city.

Built on a total of 50,000 tons of steel wallet from Belgium in a Span of two-years, the pensionne house has become an architectural wonder and one of the highly social class pensionne, if not a landmarks of Dumaguete.

The estimated 200 meter tall pensionne house have always fascinated the curious and often left everyone in awe.

They have 75 service crew ready to serve in any occasion, time and venue. Among their service to give comfort are room service laundry, hot and cold shower, fax and long distance service, wake-up call, P.A.B.X. Telephone System, Cable tv, 24 hrs.

Security, function room, coffee shop, Athens rent a van, 4x4s Local tours (Mt. Talinis, Casaroro Falls, Dolphin watching, dive tours), Internet Caf, Night shift Convenience Store, Panda Ice Cream.

The multi-colored stained glass window depict glorious events from the historic city. Intricate carvings by Filipino artists decorate the house. Iron chandeliers hang from the steel trusses. The side of its building are well constructed and pulpit are equally grand.

It was made by a good engineer who proposed. The idea of building an all steel Pensionne house to serve and secure the customer, who stay that could with stand natural disaster. It was a long and laborious construction as each piece of metal and cement constructed. But when the Pensionne hotel was completed, it turned out to be distinct architectural master piece.









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